Mixdown’s picks of Black Friday sales are here!

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Mixdown’s picks of Black Friday sales are here!

Black Friday
Words by Mixdown staff

Black Friday has turned into weeks of sales, software manufacturers especially offering low prices on some of their best stuff. While there's a huge range of stuff on sale - here's our best picks!

There’s a huge list of unbelievably good deals around this time of year, and what was once a one day, doorbuster-type sale has extended into a few weeks of crazy prices on useful equipment, plugins and gear.

Here’s our picks, the cream of the crop!

Black Friday deals

Baby Audio

Baby Audio’s sale runs from Nov 9th – December 6th 2023. You can read our review of a range of their plugins here!

Crystalline Next-Gen Reverb

The Crystalline is a next-generation reverb, offering otherworldly sounds as well as more practical, utilitarian reverb sounds for adding space, depth and size to sounds.

The Crystalline has controls for Reflections, Depth, Clean Up (a gating and high-pass filter effect to remove mud and noise from your verb), as well as Shape and Outputs controls, including an in-built ducker and Dry/Wet control.

The Crystalline is aptly named, in that it provides crisp, glassy tails to sounds, helping them to crystallise perfectly in front of you (or around you) in the stereo field.

Spaced Out Lush Delay-Reverb Hybrid FX

The dirtier end of the time-based spectrum is occupied by Baby Audio’s Spaced Out plugin, a lush reverb/delay with modulation and other effects. This makes it a great solution for an audible, effected sound, while serving the purpose of utility reverb as well, the tonality, grit and warmth it provided is too nice to be used in parallel!

Simply split into three main areas, the Spaced Out is controlled by a Mode, Program and Master section, offering different types of delays, cleanliness, modulation, mix controls, pre-delay and texture depending on your preferences. Best of all – it’s on sale!


Reigning plugin royalty Soundtoys really do love to send deals our way! They have a huge sale beginning on November 17, the Echo Boy and Decapitator being two of our favourites!

Soundtoys 5

Soundtoys’ entire collection is ON SALE. Can’t decide if you need more reverbs, grit or modulation? Heck, get ’em all! Read our focus on the entire bundle, and all it cane contribute to your next mixes here. Soundtoys have a bunch of specific plugins on sale as well, so let’s check some out!

Read our thoughts on Soundtoys 5 here.


Harnessing the character of a famous tape machine preamp, the Decapitator provides grit, weight and girth to sounds by adding subtle or overt distortion. In its simplest state, there’s a Drive and Output control, as well as a Mix knob.

Shape your sound further via the Low Cut, Tone and High Cut controls with five styles (A, E, N, T and P) to choose from. Distortion can bolster otherwise small sounds, or refine and shape huge sounds into something monstrous!

Shop the Decapitator here.

Echo Boy

Soundtoys call the Echo Boy the “ultimate echo plug-in”, and for good reason. Taking cues from decades of the best delays and echoes, the Echo Boy can provide both crystal clear digital delay through to gritty, saturated tape echoes and everything in between.

Best of all, it has all the controls needed to refine it, something we’re very accustomed to in the digital world! Set up your delay before using controls like Low and High Cut, Saturation and Groove and Feel to shape it.

Shop the EchoBoy here.

November 17- December 1 only. Shop the full Soundtoys sale here.


Sonarworks need no introduction,  but let’s give ’em one anyway. Sonarworks produce room correction software (and the mics to measure it!) offering you possibly the easiest way to treat your listening environment and improve your mixes.

Sonarworks is, for lack of a better word, and (audio) life hack! Best of all, Sonarworks is offering 60% storewide for their Black Friday sale.

Sign up and shop the sale here. Sales begin November 23, 2023.


Live 11 on sale!

While not explicitly a Black Friday sale, Ableton is currently having a runout sale on their Live 11 software and unbelievable prices.

Live 11 has been the industry standard for some time, enabling musician to write, perform, compose and control their music in both studio and live scenarios. Choose from a huge library of synths, samples and sounds, then effect them to make for your own unique footprint with your music.

Shop the sale here and have the option to upgrade to Live 12 when it arrives!

Keen to get your hands on your music? Ableton’s Push 3 standalone is on sale as well!

Ableton Push 3

Push gives you independence from your computer so you can be fully in the moment with your music. Connect your gear. Sculpt your sound. Play in a style that’s recognizably yours. An upgradeable instrument and an ever-evolving bond with Ableton Live, Push is designed to sit at the heart of your setup for years to come. Read our review here.

The Push 3 is only on sale until November 30, so shop it here!