Mixdown’s 2023 Gift Guide Part 4: Pedals

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Mixdown’s 2023 Gift Guide Part 4: Pedals

Gift Guide Part 4
Words by Mixdown staff

It can be really tough to find the right gift - especially for someone with a hobby or career as niche and music and audio!

Gift Guide

It’s that time again; either you’re someone looking to buy that special something for that special someone, or you’re the special someone looking to snag yourself a deal, read our gift guide! For those not in the know, a Christmas list of things like “Little Labs IBP”, “Radial J48” or simply “pair NS10” might seem like another language, so we’re here to help. Here’s the fourth part of our gift guide complete with links to purchase, prices and an overview!

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Truetone 1 SPOT 9V Power Supply Combo Pack 

Distributed by: EGM | RRP: $99.99

Recommended for: Guitarists, utilitarians, the power hungry

Features: Having earned a legitimate rep of being one the most reliable power supplies to fire up effects pedals boards across the globe, 1 SPOT sure know how to pack a serious amount of accessories into one neat little combo pack. Including the industry standard 1 SPOT 9V supply, this combo pack has a wealth of nifty accessories including a multi plug 8-way cable chain for connection of up to 8 pedals (with potential to daisy chain more if required), two battery clip converters, two 3.5mm converters (ala EHX Big Muff and alike) and an L6 converter for any Line 6 modelling pedals in your pedal chain. Neat! The 1 SPOT adapter itself provides a mega 1700mA of power, which is more than enough juice to power most pedalboards entirely on its own. What’s more,1 SPOT’s automatic voltage converter allows touring artists to plug and play, without the worry or inconvenience of lugging around a transformer. Absolute genius!

Overall: Anyone with a feverish hunger to have all their 9V power accessories in one spot, this combo pack literally has every spot on your board covered.  

For more info, visit EGM.

PedalTrain Nano+ Pedalboard with Soft Case 

Distributed by: EGM | RRP: $169

Recommended for: Touring artists, guitar players, pedal enthusiasts, rock dogs

Features: PedalTrain’s Nano+ makes laying out a pedalboard painfully easy with its lightweight designed dual rail system. Its compact size shouldn’t be underestimated though, with six standard sized pedals able to fit across the board. Once pedal order is decided and put in place, they won’t be going anywhere thanks to the industrial strength hook-and-loop fastener ensuring no pedal will be going astray. As for keeping cables in check there’s more than enough zip ties for even the most meticulous cable manager – and let’s face it, we all know one of those. Ideally suited for local and touring artists alike, the soft case included with Nano+ makes light work of transporting your pedalboard, guitar cables and other small accessories if required. Featuring a secure heavy day zipper and reinforced stress points the soft bag is ready for the rigours of the road.

Overall: Praise be the pedalboard gods, PedalTrain have made setting and transporting pedals so simple, we’re all wondering how did we ever do it before? Suited for pedalboard big and small, PedalTrain are the pedalboard standard for good reason.

For local enquiries, visit EGM.

Peterson StroboStomp Mini

Distributed by: Amber Technology | RRP: $229

Recommended for: String instruments aficionados, pitch perfect peeps, strobe light rave lords

Features: A “mini-fied” version of the brands iconic StroboStomp, the StroboStomp Mini doesn’t skimp on features. Not only is this little guy able to fit onto even the most jam packed pedalboard, its top mounted jacks add connectivity convenience many will seriously appreciate. Featuring Peterson’s 0.1 cent tuning accuracy, 100% popless True Bypass and buffered output modes of operation, as well as numerous other customisable features, Peterson brings a truly unique experience to tuning with unmatched accuracy.  

With its modest 85mA current draw can be powered by either standard 9V supply or USB-C with the high-def LCD display easily visible in even the most challenging environments. Sweetened and Guided Tuning are included as standard with a 390Hz – 490Hz Concert A reference and transposition range of -6 to +5 makes a wide range of instrument tunings (or drop tunings) all too easy.

Overall: Peterson have become the gold standard in specialised tuners for good reason, with unmatched accuracy and customisable features, the StroboStomp Mini just goes to show all the features users have come to love about this range can indeed be packed into a pocket sized package. A must have for those wanting to step up their tuning game.

For local enquiries, visit Amber Technology.

Strymon Ultraviolet

Distributed by: Amber Technology | RRP: $549

Recommended for: Modulation maniacs, purple hazers, psych lords

Features: The tantalising bubbling, swirling, whooshing, rippling (I think that’s enough inordinate adjectives) of classic modulation effects of the 60’s and 70’s are now within genuine reach thanks to pedal gurus Strymon and the Ultraviolet. Dripping with classic chorus and vibrato modulating goodness, this compact purple pedal provides just the right amount of control and additional features to perfectly dial in luscious, swirling vintage tones ranging from subtle 50/50 wet dry mix through to 100% wet effected madness. Intuitive control in the bias section gives an uncanny feel and response of optical vibe circuits, providing the best possible recreations of what these unique effects can do. Versatile connectivity is at the heart of Ultraviolet with 1/4” TRS jacks allowing for simple mono operation or full blown stereo in/out functionality as well as expression pedal control and MIDI functionality with up to 300 presets available via TRS MIDI or USB-C jack control. The high impedance discrete Class-A JFET input preamp is responsive to even the most subtle of playing styles, seamlessly connecting one’s playing from instrument to amp. 

Overall: Without doubt one of the most authentic takes of one of the most iconic vintage tones ever heard (and one of the hardest to recreate), the Ultraviolet is equally immersive as it is intuitive to use. We’ve all got that one friend on the infinite quest of vintage tonal nirvana – and here it is. 

For local enquiries, visit Amber Technology.

Zoom MS-50G+ MultiStomp

Distributed by: Dynamic Music | RRP: enquire for pricing

Recommended for: Singer/songwriters, guitarists, those who just need more effects in their life, loved ones of guitarists browsing this gift guide!

Features: Whilst many multi effects processors can be cumbersome on the ol’ pedalboard, Zoom’s MS-50G+ MultiStomp literally puts 100 effects under your feet in just one small format pedal! With some seriously sophisticated processing under the hood, effects can be selected and can easily be engaged with the central switch or quickly navigate to another effect or patch using the four conveniently located buttons on the front. Choose from numerous drives, compressors, modulation effects, delays, reverbs, other special effects (as well as a built-in tuner) with each effect category colour coded – with the ability to chain up to 6 effects at once to create and save your own customised patch. For on the fly tweaking, the four knobs just below the screen can help dial in just the right tone – alleviating dreaded menu diving. A mono ¼” input and stereo ¼” outputs make for big lush sounding reverbs, delays and modulation effects, and as for power – two AA batteries, DC5V or USB powering are available. 

Overall: This amount of effects in the one compact stomp box is a no brainer for those wanting effects options for days and customisability. 

For more info, visit Dynamic Music.

Tone City Golden Plexi 2 Distortion Pedal

Distributed by: EGM | RRP: $119

Recommended for: Plexi enthusiasts, distortion hoons, golden tone hounds 

Features: Any fan of vintage amps will appreciate the mysterious quest for the mighty tone of a Plexi. With so few genuine relics to be found these days and whilst there are indeed some superb reissue amps available, both back and bank are assured to take a hit. Thankfully, Tone City understands this plight all too well and have created the glorious Golden Plexi 2, sporting all the Plexi tone one could ever need, all in a humble 1590a sized enclosure. Aside from the convenience of having this monstrous tone stack in pedal form, the Golden Plexi 2 also brings with it less noise, a wider gain stage and a slight mid bump to cut through a dense mix. What’s more, the dynamics of your playing is beautifully retained, just like a real tube amp, with articulation and definition for days, from clean right through to full throttle distortion. 

Overall: Delivering Plexi tones for days and serious bang for buck, Tone City’s Golden Plexi 2 is an absolute distortion monster and a guaranteed winner for those chasing plexi tones without breaking your back or the bank.

For more info, visit EGM.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve got your shopping sorted with the gift guide this year!