In Focus: The String Sling

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In Focus: The String Sling

the string sling
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

Extra storage, string protection, and a strap – all in one

A lot of us love music equipment. While we’re often constantly on the hunt for the next thing, we also take pride in what we’ve already saved for, what gear we’ve worked towards, and especially those bits of kit that we’ve maniacally checked the tracking for as they make their way through the maze of postage and courier services.

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Once we’ve acquired the gear that’ll finally help us achieve that sound, it’s important to care for the equipment, so that they’re in prime playing condition when inspiration strikes. The String Sling, a product that’s making waves in the US, pursue the upkeep and maintenance side of things. Doubling as a strap and protective jacket for your guitar neck, the String Sling is a plush covered sling for your guitar or bass’ neck while travelling. The String Sling is constructed from premium fabric and Japanese elastic, designed for a snug but safe fit on any number of finishes on your guitar or bass.

The String Sling is available in black, red, and Olympic white/cream to match your style. The inside lining is premium microfibre cloth that protects your strings without leaving any fuzz or fluff behind. Because the String Sling doubles as a strap, it can be fixed securely to strap buttons and the headstock, and extra-wide velcro allows it to be secured to itself so that the String Sling can fit any instrument comfortably, protecting the strings, frets, and fretboard from compounded corrosion from playing, as well as protecting the finish from rust or dirt that builds up on strings after a gig.

What’s more, the String Sling features a handy pouch to securely store the little accessories you use every day – so there’s no more scrambling for picks, your capo, or spare patch cables in the bottom of a case or bag. When not protecting your strings, the String Sling acts as a classy and professional strap that allows the microfibre to be hidden away inside the strap and provides super comfort. Until you’ve used a decidedly comfortable strap – you won’t know how uncomfortable your current straps are! A strap extension is available, as are strap locks for the String Sling and String Sling branded picks.

The String Sling is the kind of gear that is an upgrade for any and every player. Bedroom guitarists might have a few guitars that aren’t played every day, and protecting those strings between playing can greatly improve string life, providing superior tone, twang, and tuning. Professional musicians can benefit from the String Sling’s protection while touring and travelling, as well as the handy pouch acting as an extra spot to fit necessary accessories like tuners, tools, cables, and picks into your baggage while flying, and without risk of them getting lost at the bottom of another bag. Collectors and vintage guitar enthusiasts might have a growing collection of guitars stowed away in cases, and the String Sling can preserve these guitars, their strings, and the finishes better than anything else on the market. Recording studios might have any number of guitars that are used often, but protecting those one-trick-pony guitars and basses so they can shine when the time is right is hugely beneficial! Unique guitars aren’t always the right sounds for the right song at the right time, but when they are, you better believe the guitars and their strings need to be able to be relied on in the heat of the moment. Knowing now that the String Sling has instrument protection covered – how does it perform as a strap?

Comfortably, that’s how. The String Sling’s microfibre lining rolls back on itself to be secured as a strap via velcro. The rolls of microfibre makes for a soft strap that finds the folds of your shoulder and alleviates the weight of your guitar and doesn’t cut into your shoulder and chest like a regular, slimmer strap might. Better still, the accessory pouch is easily accessible to house certain wireless transmitters and spare picks or tuners, all within arm’s reach and always there when you need them.

The String Sling is a product that any and every guitarist will find a use for – heck, get 10! Not all of our growing (and growing, and growing) collection of guitars will be played every day, but when their day comes, they’ll benefit from having had their strings protected by the String Sling, and you’ll be thankful for not having to spend so much money re-stringing all the time.

The String Sling is a premium made guitar strap, with extension and locking accessories available, while also being offered in a few different colours. When not in use as a strap, the String Sling really shines as a string, fret, and fretboard protector, preventing further corrosion from the inevitable ingrained dirt that comes with gigging. Even when not gigging, moisture in the air eats away at strings, dulling them so that they don’t sound their best when you pick that guitar or bass back up. The String Sling won’t leave any residue, fuzz, or fluff and is easily adjustable for a snug fit across a variety of body shapes and sizes.

It’s one of those products that you may not have known you needed, never mind the fact that extra storage, string protection, and a new strap were all available in one product. It’s the string protection solution you never knew you needed, but now you know, not many other products make as much sense as the String Sling.

Head to The String Sling for more information. For local enquiries, reach out to Gsus4.