Fixing what ain’t broke with the Shure MOTIV MV7+

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Fixing what ain’t broke with the Shure MOTIV MV7+

Shure MV7+
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

Dialling gain, adjusting settings and all the while capturing great audio can be a real challenge at the best of times.

It’s really tough to stand out in a product category like USB/Content mic which is well and truly having it’s time in the sun but alas, Shure’s MOTIV range is elevated to new heights with the Shure MV7+. Building on the accessible, pragmatic and great-sounding MV7, with both XLR and USB connectivity depending on your needs. For content creation, music making, podcasting and other audio-focused mediums, portability can be a really tough area to excel in, as practical and portable solutions usually sacrifice sound quality, while good quality sound usually isn’t super portable. I say usually because, Shure have done it, haven’t they?

Dialling gain, adjusting settings and all the while capturing great audio can be a real challenge at the best of times. Pursuing great sound can sometimes ruin the flow of a session of interviews, songwriting or otherwise, undoing the point of any amount of perfectly adjusted audio you might’ve managed to set.

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While borrowing heavily from one of the most famous mics of all time, the classic Shure SM7B, the MV7+ bears more than a passing resemblance to its famous cousin, the iconic broadcast-like design proving that Shure sure knows how to design a mic.

The MV7 came before it had dual XLR/USB outputs. The MV7 was specifically designed as a multi-purpose, one-stop mic for the streamlined, digital generation, something that the MV7 and now MV7+ excel at.

Shure MOTIV MV7+

The MV7+ features the same high-quality audio components that make all of Shure’s microphones so great. What the MV7+ adds, is a Multi-Colour LED Touch Panel for use as either an audio meter or simply a cool, vibey light show. The LED panel also serves as a mute, allowing you to quickly, silently and efficiently mute your mic. A 3.5mm headphone jack on the back of the mic allows you to monitor directly from the mic, as well as control and dial in your monitor mix in the MOTIV Mix app—but more on that later!

All in the interest of providing great quality, consistent audio along with the easy-to-use mute button, the Shure MV7+ also includes a live Denoiser that uses DSP to do away with ambient noise from your environment. This, coupled with Shure’s Voice Isolation Technology, provides crystal clear sound in just about every environment.

To elevate this further, the mic includes a virtual pop filter, designed to reduce and remove plosives that can be distracting to listeners, while improved Auto Level Mode adjusts gain based on location of source and constant detection to make sure you’re sounding your best no matter how animated you become. Onboard reverb can give a little ambiénce, or overt cavernous overtones—it’s up to you! There’s three reverbs available, with Plate, Hall and Studio at your disposal.

Increasingly accessible tools are what elevates Shure beyond a humble microphone company, providing traditional microphones for studios, live performance and public address, but also incredibly easy to use for those diving into audio production for the first time – whether that be songwriting, podcasting or otherwise, without the need for a YouTube tutorial rabbithole, higher education diploma or a call to tech support! The Shure MOTIV range makes it easy, packing a whole lot into a tidy, professional looking pack, ultimately in the pursuit of world-class sound in the easiest way possible.

Finally, connect in whatever way is most convenient with either XLR or USB-C. XLR works well as a more permanently set-up style of recording, whereas USB-C is great for portable recording on-the-go.


As if the features available on the microphone itself weren’t enough, Shure also has the MOTIV Mix app available to mix, process, refine and finish your recorded sound. The MOTIV Mix app is available on desktop, and designed for both micing and streaming, allowing you to route signal wherever you need it to go in one spot, as well as quickly mute, monitor and record.

MOTIV Mix is designed to tie together everything you need to reduce mental clutter as well digital process power! Access dynamic control like a compressor and limiter, EQ and tone for your Shure MV7+.


The Shure MV7+ is proudly carrying the flag for Shure, elevating everything that the MV7 is and was: a well-designed broadcast style mic that both looks great on screen as well as sounding great through and through. The MV7+ features enough control on board to get you up and running, the LED strip now helping you to visually monitor on the unit itself as well, the headphone output allowing you to physically monitor.

Shure’s MOTIV Mix app provides access to routing, levels and control with effects like compression, limiting and EQ if needed, though the sound of the MV7+ is stellar, the virtual pop filter and DSP processing for Auto Level Mode and an onboard Denoiser ensure you’re sounding your best.

All in all, the Shure MV7+ … well, it does it all. Equally suitable as a handy mic to have around as your needs grow as it is your first foray into professional microphones. Handling conversion as well as audio processing, the MV7+ can have you up and running in moments, and sounding great to boot. For a figurehead of the audio industry, Shure only have their own designs to compete with, but they’ve outdone themselves on the Shure MV7+.

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