Crash Symphony Productions brings you the best in the industry

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Crash Symphony Productions brings you the best in the industry

Crash Symphony Productions
Words by Mixdown staff

Sydney Recording Studio Crash Symphony Productions offers both video and audio recording services.

Sydney Recording Studio Crash Symphony Productions offers both video and audio recording services. The studio recognises the increasingly important role that video plays in getting music and business content out to a wider audience for their clients, and thus operate with a dual emphasis on the two mediums.

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The recording studio has been working hard to stay ahead of the curve over the past few years. Crash Symphony invested vigorously in live-streaming technology prior to the Covid-19 pandemic – a decision that proved useful to both musicians and businesses during the lockdowns.

Voice-over and vocal production are at the heart of Crash Symphony Productions. The studio has acquired a new Sony C800G condenser microphone in June last year. The Sony C800G is one of the most sought-after mics in the audio recording industry. This microphone solidifies Crash Symphony Productions’ position as one of the most serious vocal recording studios in Australia. The business has a decade of experience in the voice-over field and pride themselves on delivering professional voice-over that impresses, educates and sells. If you’re a professional vocalist, or play in a band, then you will understand the importance of capturing the perfect vocal take, or achieving a well rounded mix.

Crash Symphony Productions has been working closely with AVP Imports to set up their Dolby Atmos surround sound mixing system. They’ll be the first Australian recording studio to use the new Prism ADA-128 converters with the Trinnov DMON-12 calibrated studio monitoring system. The Crash team are leading the way in immersive surround sound mixing for music and film.

Crash Symphony Productions’ studio engineers treat every project with meticulous skill and great care, with the team being committed to a policy of setting the industry standard and delivering nothing but the best to clientele.

Choosing a recording studio to assist with a voice-over script, or musical recording project, can be a potential minefield. Luckily, Crash Symphony Productions never use the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that other recording studios often do. 

The team is always happy to meet with potential clients at the studio for a detailed discussion of the project at hand. 

The art of being an excellent sound engineer is too often forgotten now that video has become the focus of the modern day media landscape. However, a top quality sound engineer can augment the quality of a production dramatically. When the Crash team record vocals for music or a voice over for an ad, the engineers on site have the ability to enhance every aspect of that recording. The modern tools available to the twenty-first century sound engineer are truly remarkable, and staying on top of the rapid progress is of the utmost importance to Crash Symphony Productions.

The Recording Studio is located at 90 Ben Boyd Rd, Neutral Bay Sydney. That’s five minutes from North Sydney and 10 mins from the Sydney CBD city centre, with ample free parking available at the Recording Studio. Regardless of the nature of your project – if it’s audio quality of the very highest calibre you’re after, Crash Symphony Productions are a tough choice to beat!

For more information, head to the Crash Symphony Productions website.