Why The Ebow Is Still Relevant

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Why The Ebow Is Still Relevant


Invented in 1969, the design and functionality of the Ebow has stayed the same. Being placed on one string of a guitar, it creates a continual sustained signal that the player can press his/her fingers on the frets to get a desired sound. 


The questions begs, why do musicians not know about this revelation, despite several professionals using it (Foo Fighters and Explosions in the Sky just to name a few)?


Today’s modern music has birthed an even more complex landscape for music gear and equipment. Though simple in its use, the functionality of the Ebow has not adapted to today’s standards. Despite its age, there’s been no modification or changes to its design. Features such as making it for three strings instead of one or making the design less awkward for live performers may help bring the Ebow back to the attention of young, adventurous musicians.


The Ebows sound is unique and cannot be replicated. With today’s growing demand for boutique gear and custom fitted sounds, the Ebow with or without its much needed changes, is still a very relevant idea (even more so than ever). The playing field for musical experimentation is more diverse than it’s ever been, so it would make sense that the Ebow would fit right in, given the chance.     


Listen to the Ebow in use below.




The Ebow is distributed Australia-wide via CMI.