Top 5 records that inspired ‘Propaganda’ by Johnny (From the Burbs)

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Top 5 records that inspired ‘Propaganda’ by Johnny (From the Burbs)

Ta13oo – Denzel Curry

Earlier this year, Denzel Curry released this album and it is truly a banger. From start to finish, the energy exerted on every track is monolithic. I’d already written one or two tracks for Propaganda by the time this was released; however, when it dropped I was riding a wave of creative energy for two weeks. This album inspired me to focus on my flows and vocal delivery because I was astounded at the talent on here. Another last note about this album: I came into hip-hop as a full-fledged metalhead, and some of the beats on here are like breakdowns. It’s wild.



Flower Boy – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator has been a favourite of mine since I got into hip-hop in 2016. Flower Boy came out in August of 2017, about a week before I recorded my first JFTB track. The album has been a massive musical, lyrical and vocal influence for me. Tyler’s beyond creative production style and dangerously smooth flow are things that accelerated my love for hip-hop, and all those qualities culminate on Flower Boy. Also, shout-outs to anyone with bee tattys.



The Saturation Trilogy – BROCKHAMPTON

Sticky beats, infectious hooks and varied flows and voices make up the one-of-a-kind content BROCKHAMPTON are putting out. There are a bunch of stand-out guys in the group, but JOBA and Dom are two that I find super engaging on another level. The Sat Trilogy, however, means something else for me – an extremely admirable work ethic that was a big influence on myself and how I wanted to approach music.



All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ – Joey Bada$$

Joey is one of those dudes I slept on for a while; I actually got into him from a Denzel song. This was out for a little bit before I gave it a spin, but when I did I was hit with poetic lyricism and incredible beat selection. I go crazy for hip-hop with a political undertone (in most cases).



Veteran – JPEGMafia

JPEGMafia is a crazy talented producer and rapper. He takes thinking outside of the box to a new level. I can’t say my production is anywhere as layered or polished as his; however, Peggy’s production style was a big influence on a couple of tracks on the EP. Veteran is one of those albums where it may take a couple tries to really get into it, but once you do you can appreciate how interesting it is.



Propaganda is out now. Catch Johnny (From the Burbs) at the EP launch show in Chippendale on Saturday November 10.