The DIY Musician: The Forgotten Social Media

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The DIY Musician: The Forgotten Social Media


Let’s face it, in comparison to more common online tools including Bandcamp and SoundCloud, Myspace has pretty much become obsolete. Neverthless, when looking at the website now, it seems things have had a change. Gone are the days of choosing your ‘top friends’ and changing your layout every second day; Myspace looks more like a music sharing site more than anything.


Sure, it’s not going to be your most looked upon platform just yet, but just hear us out because although it’s unlikely, you just never know when a good thing is going to catch on – again. If you’re not looking to create your own website just yet, it’s the perfect alternative. Plus, an extra place for future fans or faithful followers to check out your music, photos and videos will never be a bad thing. We’ve compiled a list of great features now offered by the creators of Myspace.


The Home Page

So you’ve taken the plunge and headed to one of your favourite band’s Myspace pages – there will be one out there I’m sure. If not, use Northlane’s page for practice. On the page you’ll notice a ‘Start Radio’ button. This starts a playlist of both the artist’s tunes and those that fit a similar category. Also on the home page are details including the band’s website link, their hometown and best of all, a bio and contact button. As a writer, I know first hand how irritating it can be to not have easy access to a particular band’s history, their band members names etc – so this is invaluable to your publicity & promotion strategy.


With a seamless swipe to the left, the band’s top tracks appear along with a running status or blog type feed. A great addition here is the ‘similar artists’ and ‘influenced by’ drop downs, linking straight to other recommended acts to follow.



The Music Page

Moving on, the first button to press is ‘Music’ – this leads you to a page dedicated to exactly that. Not only does the page include a ‘Top Albums’ section that allows you to play the best of the best, but it also links to YouTube, giving your audience a visual to enjoy along with the sound of your mega-awesome music.


The Videos Page

Instead of having to cross over from Facebook to YouTube, Bandcamp to YouTube or any of the other combinations, Myspace allows your fans to view them directly from your artist page. By pressing on the Videos page, you’re directed to a page full of your most popular music videos. Just admit it, it’ll be so much easier for them than having ten tabs open just to check out your latest clips.


The Connections Page

Ever tried to find out whom your favourite band follows on Twitter or likes on Facebook? It’s quite a strenuous process, as some may be other musicians, some may be friends. Either way, it makes the stalking process much harder. Now, with the power of Myspace you can press the ‘Connections’ page button and see who you’re rock idols are listening to or supporting.


This part of Myspace also offers up a great networking opportunity. By connecting with another band, it’s likely that there fans will see your icon when searching through their page either on the connections page itself or underneath the ‘Similar Artists’ tab and consequently, they’ll head straight over to your site.


The Photos Page

Now, this button is just beautiful. The ability to send your online viewer straight to your hi-res press images is one of the greatest aspects of the new and improved Myspace. Not only does it allow fans to fawn over your charming good looks and amazing guitar playing stance, it is an incredibly convenient avenue for all media platforms to find suitable images when they are posting about all the amazing things your band has been up to. Trust me when I say that nothing feels better than sourcing a high quality photograph that you’re entitled to share freely with the world.


The Events Page

Here is where common sense comes into play. Instead of posting about your upcoming tour on Facebook and linking your fans to an online ticketing service (where they’ll likely be confused by all the nonsensical information the ticket provider bombards them with before even reaching your tour date information), you can use Myspace’s events button. The page in question shows your tour dates in a similar format to Bandcamp, linking directly to the exact show’s ticket purchase page. Ultimately, it just makes the process of keeping your fans updated and the process of them spending their hard earned money on your shows much easier.



To Recap

Myspace. A forgotten platform that may eventually make a comeback due to its convenience for fans, ability to clarify details for media personnel, its consistent layout and it’s capacity to connect bands and followers. Don’t go deleting your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Unearthed, Tumblr or SoundCloud accounts – just add Myspace to the mix because when it comes to your band’s online presence, the more the merrier.


For more information, take a look for yourself and head to Myspace.