Mixdown’s Top 5: Guitar Effects Pedals Of 2016 (So Far)

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Mixdown’s Top 5: Guitar Effects Pedals Of 2016 (So Far)


Avalanche Run – Earthquaker

American pedal designers Eartquaker have now created an assortment of pedals that offer unlimited range and experimentation. Sitting atop of that list is the Avalanche Run. The pedal combines six delay modes with a reverb setting, allowing a built-up-three second delay time that naturally moulds two compatible effects together as they intertwined. We are shocked that this pedal wasn’t made years ago. If there are any two effects that should go a hand in hand, it is these two, and the Avalanche Run is a shining example of that case.


Bubble Tron – Keeley Electronics

Keeping in the vain of multiple FX working together is the Bubble Tron, a pedal that not only impressively mixes both a phaser and flanger together, but reincarnates the iconic Frank Zappa’s distinct sound into one pedal inspired by the MicMix Dyna Flanger.

Allowing high flexibility and power with its dynamic range, the flanger offers negative and positive feedback with sensitivity controls, meaning that you don’t gather any unwanted noise that many modulation pedals may incur. This pedal is a sure thing when it comes to experimentation in sound and also brings back a popular vintage tone that many adored.


V3 Distortion – Sherlock

The admirable Dave Sherlock has been attested to many great amp creations over his time, though the new V3 offered something completely new and refreshing. The valve-infused V3 brings a whole lotta love back into your guitar’s sound. Being fitted with three 12AX7 valves, the pedal offers two channels with full control over the volume; Middle, Treble, Bass and Gain. The pedal offers so much versatility in sound that at some points you can mistake the one pedal as acting as two. The coolish design helps emulate Sherlock’s amp designs, while basking in its own quality. Being cast as a fan favourite, the Sherlock V3 Distortion has earned a firm place in our top 5 pedals of 2016.


Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver – TC Electronic

We couldn’t make this list without considering the never ending list of high quality pedals that TC electronic have given us over the years. Adding to this list is the Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver pedal, which is equipped with a next generation octave engine and four individual controls. The recent addition to TC Electronic holds to its own as a guitar effects pedal, offering a massive degree of versatility and customisation. With the new addition of TonePrint enabled, you can now expand your creativity to an endless extent. The Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver pedal is at the height of octave pedals and acts on its own accord to deliver groundbreaking effects.


Mel9 – Electro Harmonix

A pedal that operates within its own realm and reaches far beyond the constraints of traditional effects pedals, the EHX Mel 9 is a classic Mellotron guitar pedal. It offers incredible versatility, emulating such orchestrial instruments as: Cello, Strings, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass and Low-High Choir effects.

The recently new offering from EHX brings a plethora of possibilities and requires no added features on your guitar. This pedal transcends across instruments, even allowing a clear distinction when used on a bass guitar. The pedal has 5 polyphony note pitches and attack and sustain settings, which gives an infinite playing field for any guitarist or bass player.