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This is one device that we all knew was coming and really, I was a little surprised that it took so long to eventuate. With the popularity of pad based controllers in the current market, it’s great to see that IK Multimedia have finally delivered a product that’s not only compact and portable, but one that’s specifically designed for use with an iPad or iPhone and doesn’t necessarily require a computer to host the operating software. This means sample based production and groove creation is now a really portable option that can travel with you anywhere. You don’t need to lock yourself in the studio on a sunny day. When inspiration leads you out into nature, your music production can travel with you too. This device is very compact so it has to be limited in what it can offer given the space IK Multimedia have allowed themselves to work with. That said, you still get 16 touch responsive pads along with four edit buttons, two knobs, a fader and a rotary data encoder. There’s a fair bit going on for the compact housing. Running SampleTank free for iPhone or iPad, you get a seamless integration between the hardware and software so you’re up and running in no time. But, it goes further than that with IK expanding support for SampleTank 3, Groovemaker 2 and DJ Rig software platforms as well. Hopefully more will follow in the not too distant future.


As the growth of the iPhone and iPad range continues, so does the range of suitable products from IK Multimedia to help support them while you are on stage or in the studio and need your hands free for other tasks. Two new products in the range that will appeal to many DJs out there are the iKlip Stand and the iKlip Xpand. The first offers mounting options for a number of iPad models onto a short stand that sits on a desk surface and reaches over your turntables, mixer or controller. If simply standing it on a flat surface doesn’t seem sturdy enough, you have a secondary mounting option with a C-clamp that is included to allow you to firmly attach the base of the stand to any desk edge or even a selection of stands on stage or in a DJ booth. Once set up, you can easily move the iPad to get the right angle for your needs. The second addition to the iKlip family is the Xpand model that does what a lot of users have been crying out for. It openly adjusts to allow a wider range of tablets to be held within its grasp. This means that most Android tablets can now be used with an iKlip to be mounted to a microphone stand. The standard iKlip Xpand will even work with tablets as small as an iPad Mini, but if you want to go even smaller and tackle certain ‘note’ style tablets or phones, there is also and iKlip Xpand Mini to handle most of these more compact devices. As the entire ‘i’ range from IK Multimedia grows, we continue to see great products to make our music making all the more easier. The next thing to look out for are the bundles that take selected existing IK Multimedia products and package them together for greater savings. These are a great way to get your iRig setup up and running and allow for maximum creativity right away. Don’t forget that IK Multimedia is expanding their Android support and the iRig Mix is now also available for Android. So, if you are wanting a complete mobile DJ setup to run from your tablets or smartphones, you can get the tools with IK Multimedia in one way or another.