5 reasons to catch The Contortionist on tour this month

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5 reasons to catch The Contortionist on tour this month

It’s their first headline tour of Australia since 2011.

Whilst The Contortionist have visited Australia a few times in recent years to support other bands (Between The Buried and Me and sleepmakeswaves), this will be their first time playing a full headline set since their initial visit to Australia in 2011. Rather than being confined to a 30 minute support slot, audience members will finally get to see the band put on a full, career-spanning set in all its glory.


Clairvoyant was one of 2017’s finest releases.

The Contortionist have well and truly aged like a fine wine. With Clairvoyant, the band really hit their stride and carved their own lane in the metal world with their technical yet tasteful playing and eerie atmosphere. Clairvoyant is an exciting and captivating listen from start to finish, and I have no doubt it will be the same experience live.


It’s SikTH’s first time in Australia.

After years of yearning for it, SikTH are finally gracing our shores. If you’ve ever wondered where Architects and Periphery got a huge part of their sound from, then you definitely need to deep dive into SikTH’s discography, especially their 2006 record Death of a Dead Day. It’s absolutely surreal that these progressive metal legends are finally going to be playing in Australia.


Alithia are rad.

Let’s talk about a six-piece Astral Space Core band for a minute. Yes, that is a real thing. Having seen Alithia blow the crowd away at the Melbourne Progfest show in January, I have no doubt they’ll convert a slew of new fans every night on this tour.


Bland Street Bloom.

Watch this, trust me.




The Contortionist will tour Australia with special guests Alithia and SikTh from Wednesday May 2. Tickets via David Roy Williams.


Image via Gobinder Jhitta.