Bad guitar drawings

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Bad guitar drawings

(Image: u/Speshy)
Words by Eli Duxson

We can't accept these from fellow guitar players

We’re not quite sure when we realise, but many of us instinctively know that we don’t have a knack for drawing. Sure we can develop the skills through hard work and persistence and the rest of the other rubbish, but that wouldn’t leave any time for us to practise the guitar. 

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Nevertheless, here’s where the two intercept though. Too many people enter guitar forums with a diagrammatic question about their guitar, with some absolute stinkers of drawings and we as a community can no longer let them get away with it!

You’re familiar with the instrument, spend some time to show that you actually look at the thing every day!

Here are some of the worst.

If everything but the neck was paper, and wet, this would be it

User Daybreakdays asks in an acoustic guitar forum if the neck is bowed, straight, or both. If the drawing’s any indication, it could be a lot worse.

A luthier with a spear, hopefully

This reddit post is another seeking genuine advice but we couldn’t let this one slide. They’re after a guitar design similar to this to aide their limited left arm, I’d be interested to see how they went.

Sometimes we need to make refinements

Is this a five or six-string? “I attempted to draw my acoustic guitar and failed horribly,” MCRox said. Yep.

Shakey Graves signature

This is only acceptable if it was drawn during a major Hollywood film-like earthquake, or inside a cryotherapy chamber. Actually, no, it still isn’t.

Strings are only decorative anyway

Were they cut so perfectly or were they absolutely shredded in every sense? Either way an admittance of defeat in the form of an artist’s signature, well played.

Guitar cheating on cat with strawberry

Need we say any more?

Utter chaos

I’m sure there’s some brush stroke analysis to draw from this, but it kind of looks like a parlor-sized attempt at Jared Dines’ 20-string with just six tuning pegs… and three strings coming out of the bridge. Truly innovative.

Can’t even cheat

Photo editing couldn’t save this reddit user, nice try hombre.

No one’s safe

gibson theodore

An unreleased Ted McCarty design was recently brought to life. Perhaps there was a reason it was left on the cutting room floor for 65 years.

Find some honourable mentions here.