Why Integrate Expo 2016 Is A Must-Attend For Musicians

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Why Integrate Expo 2016 Is A Must-Attend For Musicians

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This is ‘the’ event of the year when it comes to staging, lighting and audio-visual installation. Every musician that wants to perform live can walk away from Integrate having grown in knowledge and ideas. There is an almost endless list of distributors and manufacturers showing off products to the modern musician, especially when it comes to new advances in LED stage lighting and wireless technology. Speaker and amplifier developments are unveiled at the show with cutting edge audio production a focus for many manufacturers exhibiting this year. Plus, with the growing iOS market giving so much to musicians today, there are all number of products on show that can help you work better with your smartphone or tablet in a 
live performance environment. Going
 to Integrate 2016 allows you to see
 these products rfist hand, giving you the opportunity to speak with the developers and manufacturers to find out what drives the ideas and how they can be better implemented into your existing setup.


Rather than simply playing host to the launch of a few new products, Integrate prides itself on being different, with a whole host of valuable seminars, programs and events within the show designed to channel discussion and broaden horizons. This is a great opportunity for musicians and production crew to meet one another and see what may be going on over the other side of the fence. Now is the time to meet and greet with industry professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and discuss better ways of working, promoting and creating in a modern environment. Best of all, for the live performer, Integrate 2016 has a new focus program looking at lighting, pro audio and AV. There are ten specialist seminars for just this area taking in elements of small and large-scale productions. And for those of you that experienced the David Bowie Is exhibition last year, there is a behind the scenes exploration of how the team at Sennheiser developed and implemented the audio system that made that event such a success.



With Australian broadcasting laws dramatically changing the way in which we are able to transmit audio for live performances, there has been plenty of uncertainty as to what will work now 
and what will continue to work in the future. Integrate is the place to find all those answers and more relating to your wireless needs. The experts in wireless technology will all be represented at Integrate with Sennheiser, Shure, AKG and Audio-Technica all showing product and delivering relevant information to attendees. This is an ideal opportunity to learn about larger scale wireless transmission for bigger events and how you can bring that to your show now and in the future.


For those of you who may have thought that the Integrate Expo was perhaps just a corporate affair that offers nothing
to musicians, think again. With the new schedule for this year’s show, there is more of a focus than ever on music production and live sound. With such
a wealth of industry expertise housed under one roof for three days, it is hard to see how any musician could not walk away from Integrate 2016 without having benefitted greatly from the experience. So, what are you waiting for?



Integrate Expo will take place
 from August 23-25 at the Sydney Showgrounds, NSW. For tickets and more details, head to integrate-expo.com