Mixdown’s Guide to Record Store Day 2018: Relove Vinyl

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Mixdown’s Guide to Record Store Day 2018: Relove Vinyl

What sets your store apart from other record stores?

We have both new and secondhand music. We stock not just approximately 7000 vinyl records, but VHS, cassettes, sheet music, DVDs, CDs and music books. We offer personalised service as we can source pretty much any title via our contacts and record suppliers.


How do you source your records?

We source new vinyl records from Australia’s largest importers and labels; Universal, Sony Music, Rocket, and Warner Music. We also sell second-hand vinyl records on consignment which means we have a steady stream of records coming in nearly every day from our vendors.


Are you holding any special events for Record Store Day?

We are having Kitsch Vinyl Bingo. We have plastered our roof with some of the kitschiest vinyl artists of all time – Nana Mouskouri, Kamahl and others. Choose one of the titles on the roof and not only do you get to keep the title, but inside there might be a voucher to win any vinyl purchase on the day – new or used.


How many records do you have in your personal collection?

We have about 440 vinyl records in our personal collection, everything from Eminem, Nine Inch Nails, and Mötley Crüe to old favourites such as Elton John, Neil Young, and Donna Summer.


What do you love most about Record Store Day?

As an independent record store, we are hugely proud of the support that RSD brings to our business. We get exclusive RSD titles and it generates excitement for both older vinyl collectors and the new generation starting their collection for the first time.


Find Relove Vinyl upstairs on Level 2 @reloveoxley, QLD. Record Store Day will be held on Saturday April 21.