Meet The Maker Of PEDALpUNK!

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Meet The Maker Of PEDALpUNK!


Scott Eric Olivier’s modus operandi is born of the desire to facilitate the creative process for not only himself but just about everyone who’s ever picked up an instrument – and the PEDALpUNK! audio interface is testament to that rubric. PEDALpUNK! is at it’s core a re-amp box with some added perks that make the process of capturing the grit and glory of all your favourite pedals much more simple and effective in the studio and on stage. Mount the unit at the start of your signal chain and it’s a simple send and receive effect loop that shoots coloured signal out to the desk via completely lossless, matched impedance XLR outputs.


What makes it different to a D.I box? It has three controls on the face of the unit that allows you to not only tweak the amount of signal sent and/or received through the box, but the ‘focus’ control allows you to colour your sound at will from super clean to hot and dirty. All of this amounts to a tonne of extra control over the nuances derived from your favourite stompboxes without the hassle of fiddling around with amps and mics in post. Mixdown asked the CEO of Casa Distortion and PEDALpUNK! progenitor a few choice questions about what makes him tick.


What is it about pulling things apart that drives your thinking?

Pulling things apart doesn’t really drive my thinking; it’s the other way around as I’m more of a “burn it down and build it better” type of designer. I figure out what I need, make sure it doesn’t exist and then set out to innovate and customise the piece to my specifications. I’m not content in making mediocre art. I think music in general would be much better if people took a more handcrafted approach, rather than just playing prepackaged loops that someone else programmed out of a computer and calling it art. And while there’s nothing wrong with doing that to learn and spark creativity, I find that nothing artistic becomes truly classic without some type of human modification.


How do you think either of these things influences the way you work either as 
a producer or in your product development?

I’m influenced first and foremost by freedom. If we want to progress as a music community we must push boundaries. PEDALpUNK! changes the approach by linking the balanced audio world to the unbalanced. Case in point, with PEDALpUNK! effects pedals can now talk to any 500 series pro audio module, which can now talk to modular Eurorack synthesizers, laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets – the ultimate high quality portable package for creating 21st century music.


I can see how the PEDALpUNK! would be an extremely useful tool in a fully functioning, professional studio. Do you think it has practical applications for the everyday player/bedroom producer?

Seriously, check it out – PEDALpUNK! is just as at home sitting next to a Pioneer DJM as it is plugged into a 192 input Solid State Logic Duality console.


Do you feel like the rise of bedroom production and the proliferation of entry-level interfaces etc. leaves the future of music production in good stead?

Absolutely. This is the best time to make music since I’ve been alive. As creators, we now have complete control over our art and the choices we make. Consequently, I believe we have a responsibility to hit harder and create even more amazing sounds if we want to be noticed. PEDALpUNK! is right there to help us defy genre, stay unique and break down the walls of sonic mediocrity. 


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