Lewitt Microphones

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Lewitt Microphones


Tired of continuously seeing great and interesting ideas brushed aside in favour of tradition, or engulfed by the inherent disconnect and bureaucracy of larger manufacturers, Perschon packed his bags and set out travelling, in search of someone that shared a passion for sonic innovation.


Eventually Roman Perschon found his kindred spirit in Ken Yang, a Chinese Australian whose family had owned one of China’s largest microphone manufacturing bases. The strengths of having a partnership like this are obvious. Roman, an ambitious and experienced entrepreneur with a swag of sketched out designs, and Ken, an equally ambitious young man with a tremendous understanding of the industry and access to one of the world’s biggest manufacturing bases, the possibilities were endless. Roman assembled his technical team from Austria and sought to put his designs into production, with the small, albeit impressive product line being introduced  at the NAMM conference in Anaheim, USA and the Prolight+Sound conference in Frankfurt Germany. The range caught the idea of technicians and musicians alike, and from that point the Lewitt range has grown into the esteemed line we know today.


These days the Lewitt range is significantly larger than it was when they first launched, and is comprised of five distinct lines, built for five distinct purposes.


The LCT Authentica Series is Lewitt’s premier series of recording microphones; a new generation of condenser microphones that best demonstrate the companies passion for innovation. These mics are fitted with features like illuminated settings, noiseless push buttons, automatic attenuation with clip detection and a history feature specifically to tend to common difficulties experienced by the musicians and technicians they tested the products with.


The MTP Performance Series contains a more recognisable collection of condenser and dynamic cardiod microphones built for more traditional purposes. These mics are built in the same familiar way that most dynamic mics are, but they do have their own special suave signature. You’ll find Lewitt’s flagship models the MTP840 DM and the MTP940 CM in this range that seeks to provide more accurate sound reproduction from the source with enhanced side rejection.


The DTP Series is designed specifically for capturing drums and percussion. A family of wired condensers headlined by the dual element cardiod DTP 640 REX kick drum mic. The DTP Series is built to be able to deal with varying load impedance, and offer a clarity of sound that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect from a range built for this sole purpose.


Lastly, the DGT and LTS Series of microphones are purpose built microphones for contemporary use as radio mics, or for wireless recording. The DGT series offers a couple of USB microphones that will please anyone who requires a portable solution to capture ambient noise, or other sound in the field. The DGT Series also features a recording app for smartphones that incorporates the ingenuity of the company to give you greater control over your recordings through your smartphone. The LTS series on the other hand is a collection of wireless microphones aimed for gigs, conferences or any other live event that demands consistent performance and intuitive operation.


Though Lewitt microphones have been around for a few years now, the recent expansion and development of their range has them poised to be competing with some of the most well-known microphone manufacturers in the world. Expect to see a lot more of these around the country.


For more information about Lewitt Microphones, contact Electric Factory on (03) 9474 1000 or visit elfa.com.au