Hothouse Audio St Kilda

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Hothouse Audio St Kilda

Tell us a bit about the history of your studio.

Hothouse has been around making records for 30 years in St Kilda. In that time, we have recorded many of Melbourne’s musical acts as well a few overseas guests who were passing through and heard about Hothouse via the grapevine.


What sets your studio apart from others?

The recording console at Hothouse definitely sets it apart. It’s a Neve 8024 console that was purchased by Albert’s Studio in Sydney in 1974 and we picked it up in 1988. It has the fattest and fullest sound and makes records that have a rich quality that most bands are looking for in a recording.


What equipment do you have at your studio?

A 24 channel Neve 8024 desk made in 1974. Many vintage guitars, basses and amps. A slew of vintage mics, including a mint 1956 Neumann U 47.


Do you specialise in any particular genres?

We usually record rock and punk music. Lately we have made the last two Clowns records. We have also made recordings for King Of The North, Penny Ikinger, Ash Grunwald, Chris Russell’s Chickenwalk, Airbourne, Kingswood and Motor Ace to name a few. We’ve also worked with Franz Ferdinand, Oasis and Blues Explosion.


If you had to describe your studio in five words, what would they be?

Big rocking tones with heart.


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