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I don’t want to liken these guitars to the ukulele craze that’s been taking over the planet for the last five or six years, because they are not ukuleles. Yes, they may be adorned with only three strings, but in essence, the Loog is very much a guitar and performs as something of a stepping stone to playing a six-string instrument. The radical shape of both the electric and acoustic models looks pretty sharp, and the size is ideal for small hands to get around. That said, I know of plenty of adult players that would have a great time ripping it up on a Loog, especially with a nice valve combo, a slide and a little blues action.


Part of the process of owning a Loog guitar is that you’re learning how to play a new instrument. Whether you have been playing guitar for years, or you’re a complete beginner, the Loog is still going to be a new instrument to you. Designed to be a stepping stone for beginners before they tackle a full scale six-string guitar, the Loog is a far better tool in this sense than a ukulele, as the tuning sets you up for playing the guitar later on. With the first three strings of a standard tuning guitar offered to begin with on the Loog, it is easy for beginners to grasp the concept of playing chords without overcomplicating the matter. Take into account that the neck is also a lot slimmer (and shorter), making it easy for little hands to get around the fretboard. Add to this the reduced tension on the strings and you can bypass the need for the young ones to start out on a nylon guitar and get into playing steel string acoustic or electric right from the start. This gives the Loog that little extra ‘cool’ factor, as it isn’t that boring classical guitar that none of the kids want to play.


For those of you who can’t settle on just one idea, Loog cater for all. As well as the electric model, which is available in six different colours, there are also a couple of acoustic models to choose from. A steel string option will come in handy as a travel guitar for many six string players who just want to noodle, and a soon-to-be-released nylon string model will also be available in a range of colours. The nylon Loog guitar follows the trend of mini guitars and delivers a smaller version of the already reduced size of the Loog.


For those old rockers who have a thing for nostalgia, or for the kids who want to keep up with their parents’ guitar collection, it has to be said that the coolest Loog in the range is by far the clear Lucite body version. I couldn’t help but think of the classic Dan Armstrong Ampeg guitar when I saw this one. A little part of me jumped up and down, quietly yelling “I want one!” just as most guitarists do when they see a flying V guitar for the first time. If you are going to bring the kids up to be rock stars, this is one way to get them set on the right path. And if you’re really just buying the Loog for yourself, then why not get the one that appeals to your inner self. It may have just three strings, but it has a whole lot of character and plenty of soul when treated right.



Loog Guitars are distributed throughout Australia by Dunphy Imports. For more information about the guitars, and where you can find them, visit