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What is the thought behind the f1? What purpose was it designed to serve, and which market have you aimed it toward?

We Introduced the L1 Portable Line Array products in 2003, and they have become a standard for Singer Songwriters and some mobile DJs, but many customers told us they also wanted a PA speaker that played louder for full bands that could alter its coverage to work in a variety of rooms and be easier to configure as a traditional left/right pa system. So we set out to design a new kind of PA that differentiated in three key areas, audio performance, ease of setup and aesthetics. The F1 has a broad range of applications that are suited to bands of all styles, solo musicians, mobile DJs, houses of worship, schools, universities, resorts, hospitality venues and business presentations. We also supply a full range of optional brackets that make the F1-812 easy to use in fixed installations.


What shapes or pattern can the F1 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker be arranged in?

The f1 can be configured into four separate arrangements. Straight, the J position, the reverse J position and the C position. The straight position gives you the tightest vertical control and is ideal for an audience at floor level. The reverse J adjusts the vertical splay up and is perfect for reaching an audience in a raised seating position. The j position adjusts the vertical splay down and is ideal for an audience that’s seated in a lowered position, and then finally we have the c-position, which contorts the splay to disperse sound both up and down.


Often a speaker system can make for a difficult and time consuming transportation and set-up task, what features have you used to combat that?

The loudspeaker and subwoofer feature durable, lightweight composite Enclosures. They also feature easy-lift carry handles and optional padded carry bags with cut-outs for carry handles. The F1-812 is designed to be used with industry standard tri-pod speaker stands, while the The F1 subwoofer features an integrated loudspeaker stand that allows the mid-high and subwoofer to be set up faster and easier than ever before. Also, the stand is stored right in the subwoofer so you should never lose it. The stand even includes cable channels to neatly hide the wires.


How does the F1 Subwoofer compare to other conventional subwoofers?

The F1 subwoofer is a very compact 1000w subwoofer that has performance similar to a 1×18” but can be carried by one person.


What environments does the speaker system work best in?

In almost any kind of room you’re in, you will be able to get the right coverage with the F1-812’s Flexible array vertical coverage control. The 1000W built-in amplifier gives you plenty of SPL on tap, with 132 dB SPL Peak performance.


What’s under the casing of the F1 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker?

A True full-range loudspeaker, one 12” woofer and eight 2.25” drivers, 43Hz to 20kHz Frequency Range, a 600 Hz crossover frequency keeping the crossover point below the most critical vocal intelligibility frequencies and a 2 input integrated mixer. 


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