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Location: 9/21 Capella Crescent, Moorabbin VIC.


Yury Kogan is the owner and one of the inhouse sound engineers at Black Pearl Studios. With over 30 years experience in the field, he opened Black Pearl Studios back in 2012. This studio now boasts that it is one of the highest quality recording studios in Australia with an extensive microphone and instrument collection comprising of both vintage and modern items. Instruments include 2 grand pianos, a B3 organ with Leslie, an upright piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes and over 130 guitars, 30 basses, 140 amps and 650 effects. The studio spaces themselves are impressive, with high ceilings and fantastic acoustics, providing a rich environment for groups of up to 50 musicians at once.


Black Pearl Studios’ engineering team consists of Yury Kogan, Terry Hart and Julian Mendelsohn. Melbourne-man Terry Hart is an accomplished musician who has worked with audio engineers such as Matt Voigt and Jimi Maroudas, and in addition has been involved with artists like Powderfinger, Paul Kelly, Kimbra, and the Hilltop Hoods.


“These days I work pretty much exclusively out of Black Pearl Studios in Moorabbin. Yury and Galina have setup an amazing facility down there, with the most extensive list of gear I’ve ever seen. What you get for the price down there is hard to beat!” – Terry Hart. The world-renowned audio engineer and record producer Julian Mendelsohn has worked closely with the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, INXS, Bob Marley and Paul McCartney and many others. He has also been involved with over 25 #1 hits in the UK charts and is a proud past recipient of the Producer of the Year Award from the British Phonographic Industry.


“I have worked in many top studios in the UK, Europe and the US and I can honestly say that both recording rooms at Black Pearl are fantastic recording rooms and their acoustics are up there with the very best. Fabulous sound for both the musicians and the recording engineer together with the massive amount of outboard gear, microphones and instruments makes Black Pearl a fantastic place to record.”- Julian Mendlesohn


Additional studio information:
The backbone of the Black Pearl complex is two large studios, Studio A and Studio B. Studio A’s live room, which measures a generous 120m2, boasts an SSL 4000 E series console and comes complete with amazing Yamaha C7 grand piano. Monitoring in Studio A provides a combination of Focal, Dangerous Audio and Avantone Mixcubes. Studio B’s 110m2_space has made a name for itself as “the best drum room in the world.” To take advantage of its strong acoustics, the studio is home to two sets of Adams, Avantone Mixcubes and the ubiquitous Yamaha NS10Ms. The services available include live recording, mixing and production, with access to on-site services including the legendary Black Pearl mobile studio van.


Both studios allow for recording to ProTools, Radar or even 24 track analogue tape on the pristine Studer A827, 2 inch tape machine. Outboard and external preamps in both studios are the epitome of desired gear; Teletronix, Drawmer, TC, Lexicon, Universal Audio, dbx, Cranesong, Neve, Telefunken, Urei and Manley all make an appearance, with clocking and synch done via Antelope Isochrone.