All-in-One Tonal Solutions with NU-X

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All-in-One Tonal Solutions with NU-X

Nu-x trident
Words by Rob Gee

NU-X will have you you covered with their multi effects units and modelling amplifiers with built-in effects.

While this may be a pedal special, of course, not everyone wants a separate box for each and every effect unit they wish to use. Yes, there is some cathartic fulfilment gained from piecing together your one signal patch with individually selected effects units to suit your sound. It’s a process that is as important as the end result, and one that continues throughout one’s musical lifetime. But, for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution, and not a journey, then NU-X has you covered with their multi effects units and modelling amplifiers with built-in effects.

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Let’s look at the king of them first. Possibly the most impressive pedal in the NU-X product range, the NME5 Trident, is an integrated amp modeller and effects unit designed to bundle a big range of sounds into one compact board in readiness for jamming, recording, rehearsal or performance. One thing that immediately jumps out is the design and layout of the chassis and how perfect it is for modern guitar applications.  It’s compact, but solid, with nicely appointed, soft round edges and a two layered top panel to allow for separation between the two rows of switches. In a technical landscape that seems to be going further and further into the realm of minimal physical footprint, this makes a tonne of sense.

It’s designed to be a tough little unit, so you can take it out on a stage when there is little space to work with. And NU-X have thought through the routing options with just this in mind. There are balanced TRS and XLR outputs so you can run directly into a PA speaker, or into the stage box to be routed to the mixing console and PA system. The unbalanced output gets you straight into your amplifier and effect routing options allow for integration with more complex systems.

Whilst there is a LOT going on under the hood with a big range of effects and some really top-notch amp modelling, it is nice to see NU-X have had the guitarist in mind with the top panel controls kept to a familiar array. Delay and reverb are presented together, modulation and other effects are on a separate set of controls, and amplifier adjustments on a third set of controls. You can easily get lost scrolling through some amazing sounding pre-set sounds, but if you want to build your own tone, then it is a fairly organic process with the top panel controls, enabling you to then store it in the box for future use. And it’s a nice touch to see the bottom right switch, the easiest to engage with a tap of your right foot is pre-defined to the boost function. This should keep any guitarist happy, and loud.

One Box Wonders

That said, not everyone needs an entire factory’s worth of effects in one box. Often, an array of usable effects combined with a compact amplifier will take care of your needs, especially for practice purposes at home or when travelling. And would you believe it, NU-X have a selection of solutions for just this. The Mighty Lite Mk II Mini Bluetooth is a newly updated release of the popular Mighty Lite, and retains the compact size and battery powered efficiency that users have enjoyed with this little amplifier. You get a selection of effects and modelling options, with an integrated mobile app that is synced to the amplifier via Bluetooth. This makes for easy control of setting and jamming along to your music library a breeze. It’s the perfect little practice tool for those times when you can’t break out the big rig, or need to take a lightweight option with the rest of your gear.

If you want to take your practice time one step further and go wireless, then the NU-X Mighty Space amp is certainly worth having a look at. This is a compact 30-watt stereo amplifier with built in amp modelling and effects, much like the Mighty Lite Mk II, but where it differs is tin the wireless capabilities. Included with the amp is a compact wireless transmitter that plugs directly into your guitar and sends the signal to the Mighty Space amp. The slim mount jack transmitter allows for use with a range of guitar jack options, so you can run it with a side mounted jack on your Les Paul, or an angled face mounted jack on your Strat. 

If you’re looking for something a little more organic, to work with your acoustic guitar, then the Stageman Series is the go. There are three models available now, with the AC-25, AC-60 and AC-80 offering more power as the models go up in the range. These feature a full range speaker that is ideal for use with acoustic guitars, bringing out the sparkle and vibrance of the high frequencies that make these instruments so different from their electric cousins. This also makes for a great vocal amplifier too, as essentially, it’s a little PA system all on one box, with the preamp and effects tailored for guitar.

And if you’re wanting to keep it all to yourself, and not disturb anyone else, the NU-X have a compact headphone amplifier for guitarists and bass players alike. The Mighty Plug Pro BT is a handy little device that plugs into your guitar or bass and offers a headphone output along with amp modelling and effects that are all controlled via Bluetooth with the integrated mobile app. Now, you’ll never be told to turn down when you need to practice at all hours of the night. 

What this all boils down to is that this year’s latest range form NU-X has you covered for effects, no matter what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to build a pedal board from scratch, or add to an existing collection, there are some great options in the new releases of single effect pedals. If you want it all in one board, the NME5 Trident has you covered. And if you just want a compact jamming or rehearsal solution, then there is a mains or battery powered amplifier in the range to suit. 

For more information about the awesome new Nu-X pedal and Amp ranges, contact your local Nu-X dealer today.