WATCH: Larkin Poe feature in new episode of Ernie Ball String Theory

Creamy Slide Guitar Tones Galore!

Megan and Rebecca Lovell of rock revivalists Larkin Poe are the focus of a new episode of Ernie Ball String Theory, showcasing their formidable musical chemistry throughout the 12 minute video.

Throughout the episode, the two sisters discuss their mutual love for bluegrass music and how it inspired them to start playing music together, as well as talking about their various other musical influences and touring with the likes of Keith Urban and Elvis Costello.


The episode also notably showcases Megan's insane lapsteel guitar chops, busting out some very Duane Allman-esque licks throughout the video, while Rebecca Lovell discusses the influence of Jeff Buckley as both a songwriter and guitarist on her own style. Check it out below.




Larkin Poe are touring Australia next month for Bluesfest - get all the details here