WATCH: Johnny Marr plays classic Smiths riffs in new episode of Ernie Ball String Theory

The Manchester Master Doles Out Nuggets Of Wisdom

Johnny Marr, undoubtedly the most quietly influential guitarist of the past 50 years, has appeared on an episode of Ernie Ball's String Theory web series to discuss his longstanding love of the electric guitar.

Throughout the immersive 15 minute visual, Marr discusses his musical origins working in guitar shops and playing in covers bands, as well as opening up about his desire to create "the guitar equivalent of Phil Spector records" throughout his tenure with The Smiths. Elsewhere, Marr delves into his love of high-pitched tunings, his longstanding relationship with Ernie Ball strings and his status as a 'guitar anti-hero' ("it's not about being famous... it never was").


For avid Smiths enthusiasts, this little visual will serve with an absolute treat, with Marr strumming through Smiths classics such as 'What Difference Does It Make?,' 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' and 'How Soon Is Now?' on his iconic Rickenbacker 330 and signature Fender Jaguar.


Watch the video in full below. 




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