WATCH: Drummer covers Metallica on actual garbage can

An Absolutely Rubbish Snare Sound

Metallica's eighth studio album is the butt of many a joke on the Internet - mainly because of drummer Lars "Likes To Wreck Everything" Ulrich's decision to turn the snares off on his drums, resulting in one of the worst snare sounds of all time, with many on the Internet comparing it to that of a trash can.

Now, drummer and online hero Cameron Fleury has recorded a drum cover of 'Frantic', replacing a traditional snare with the lid of a garbage can to perfectly replicate (and maybe even improve) Lars' infamous tone. In all honesty though, playing a garbage can lid would actually be pretty hard - remember, there's minimal rebound from that cold metal surface - but Fluery pulls it off with ease. Check out the video below to see it in action - also, we apologise in advance for what you're about to hear.