Vox revisits iconic ‘60s amp designs with the Mini Superbeetle

Going Retro

Vox is turning back the clock to the days of Beatlemania for its latest innovative offering to the amplifier world, the Mini Superbeetle.

The Vox Mini Superbeetle 25 takes a classic ‘60s aesthetic and updates it with modern functionality, including all-new analogue NuTube circuitry for authentic tube tone. It features the iconic Vox colour styling and chrome stand in a compact unit that delivers classic Vox sound with ease.


Vox’s website notes that the Superbeetle’s design is inherited from “the classic stacks of the British Invasion,” reminiscing on an era that gave us the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.


Featuring an open-backed cabinet equipped with a 10-inch Celestion speaker, the Superbeetle also offers on-board digital reverb and NuTube driven tremolo.


Vox is distributed in Australia through Yamaha Music Australia. Want to win a Vox MV50 AC mini amplifier? Enter our giveaway here.


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