Truetone 1 Spot Pro Power Supplies

EGM Distribution | (03) 9817 7222 | | RRP: CS7: $239 | CS12: $359

Since its modest beginnings, Truetone has grown to become a pedal manufacturer recognised for nailing specific sounds – its unique line of products renowned for turning the tonal dreams of guitarists into sonic reality. Following suit is their 1 SPOT Pro Power Supply Series.


When it comes to choosing a power supply musicians will often steer away from the use of a power brick due to their often-hefty size, or their extra power, deemed unnecessary. But with the immensity of some digital pedals now available, a 9VDC won’t always suffice. With this in mind, we can be thankful that the 1 SPOT Pro exists. Both the CS7 and the CS12 models are beastly in appearance, and rugged in make, each housed in hardened steel. And so too do both provide voltage versatility – the former stocked with one 18VDC output and six 9VDC outputs, with four of those switchable to 12VDC. The CS12 on the other hand, has the same voltage options but with a variable 4-9VCD output, and an additional 9VAC output. This enables the use of Line 6, Digitech or any other aged analogue pedals. They’ve been developed to stand up to the rigours of touring, whether it be at the local pub, or on the road abroad.



The 1 SPOT Pro differs from other power supplies in that it uses switching power supply technology. Unwanted digital noise is an issue that can derail your pedalboard, and can also become overly complex when being tackled with the use 
of multiple power supplies. This, however, will never be a problem with either Pro model as each output has a galvanic isolation from the next, offering distinctive electronic separation. Add to this the use of analogue circuits, which provide exceptional noise suppression, and you have a well-oiled machine that works seamlessly and, most importantly, silently. This really pays dividends when you look at the increased level of current that each power supply can handle. The CS7, for instance can take on up to 1900mA, a far greater total current rating than your average brick. It’s undoubtedly fitted to take on any board, and does so with great efficiency. 


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Superior isolation – it works soundlessly

Versatile voltage capabilities

Extra power


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