TC Electronic revamp a classic with the Hall Of Fame 2 X4

SO Much Reverb

Following on from last month's update to the Flashback X4 Delay, TC Electronic have launched the all new Hall Of Fame 2 X4 Reverb pedal, setting a high precedent for what punters should expect from a reverb unit in 2019.

The new pedal essentially packs all of the features of the Hall Of Fame 2 into one big chassis with four MASH footswitches. These pressure sensitive switches also allow you to control up to three effect parameters, so you can tweak the decay, pre-delay or level of your chosen reverb sound for crazy little splashes of ambience mid-set.



As well as including the Hall Of Fame's typical reverb algorithms - including Hall, Room, Plate Shimmer, LoFi, Modulated and more - the Hall Of Fame 2 X4 offers an additional six TonePrint slots for storing your own presets. The pedal also boasts mono and stereo ins and outs, MIDI capabilities, USB functionality and either true or buffered bypass modes, making it quite the formidable effect.



TC Electronic products are distributed in Australia through Amber Technology