Maxiumum Value, Minimum Space

Switchcraft are soon to release their brand new 314DI pocked sized, high-quality DI box.

The DI box is the newest addition to their very well received AudioStix line. The line of premium pro-audio products work to convert the unbalanced outputs of myriad instruments with line-out level to balanced, mic level signals that can be connected to audio consoles and mic preamps.


The product is fitted with a super handy ¼ Feed Thru which allows it to connect to multiple devices such as an amp and turner, two amps simultaneously and, well, there’s heaps of other combinations. Use your imagination!

The 314DI also features Ground Lift Switch and a -20 db pad to ensure that it can handle stronger signals without distortion, so you can generate the clearest sound possible!


You can pre-order the product at www.cseonline.com.au.