‘Wine Won’t Wash Away’

Unveiling their newest feather-soft single ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away’, Summer Flake is almost set to release their forthcoming album, Hello Friends.

Offering up a powerful blend of cacophonous guitars and sunshine bright but brooding vocals, Stephanie Crase (A.K.A Summer Flake) says that it’s all about pushing through the pain via diving into the enjoyable danger of living on the edge.



After releasing another track from the upcoming record, Summer Flake has released an official video for ‘Shoot And Score’. Crase spoke about the process of working with director Goeffrey O’Connor and said "This is the first clip Geoffrey O'Connor shot at his new Vanity Lair studio in Brunswick. When we got there, the paint on the infinity wall was still wet, and Geoff was covered in plaster dust from building it that day, and I saw him for the first time wearing a T-shirt and not a button up shirt and shiny shoes. It was a revelation."


Hello Friends includes the sweetest of melodies, searing guitars and straight-shooting lyrics. With a total of ten tracks, the album is a subtle and delicate delight. 



‘Hello Friends’ is available for pre-order now and is due for release April 8. For more information, head here.