With Guests Steve Morse, St. Vincent, and Yngwie Malmsteen

Steve Vai has announced the fourth annual Vai Academy, a five day guitar event to be held in California hosted by the guitarist himself.

Taking place at Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs on January 3 to 7, 2018, the event will include classes and lectures from Vai as well as Steve Morse, St. Vincent and Yngwie Malmsteen.


Vai said unlike the past four years, technique will play a big part of things he will be teaching in this year’s event. "I’m planning on giving more classes in 2018 than I’ve done in the past. Previously, I’ve somewhat spoken about technique in regards to tone, vibrato, intonation, bending notes, picking, hammering, etc.," said Vai in a statement. “However, this camp will focus on technique as applied to music theory. Beyond these central themes, I plan on creating classes about everything from chord theory and interval relationships to time signature theory."


“In the end, Vai Academy is all about sharing. We’re all in this together as musicians. I love that we all experience living life to its fullest by enjoying every moment alongside one another.



For those interested you can register for the academy here