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Shure have always been known for quality in microphones, but quality can come at a price when you’re looking to capture the sound of a complete drum kit. Not everyone wants to go out and buy a range of microphones to capture each drum. That’s why Shure have released the PG Alta range of microphones to deliver a budget priced solution for such a scenario.


Taking on drum applications where the PG series left off, the PGA DrumKit7 is a total drum solution for live and recording applications. Housed within the sturdy zippered carry case are no less than seven microphones. The PGA52 is designed for low end punch and is compact for a kick drum microphone, yet it still handles high SPLs and captures plenty of low frequency backbone. At the other end of the spectrum are the two PGA81 condenser microphones intended to be used as a stereo pair of overheads. These are a delicate touch to compliment the brute of the PGA 52 and ensure plenty of high frequency sizzle from the cymbals. After this, we have three PGA56 microphones, the smallest and most compact of the set designed to sit very closely to the toms. To match up with these, there are three mounting arms that snap onto the rim of your toms ensuring the microphones are right up close to the skin without the need of added microphone stands. The kit is finished off with a PGA57 instrument microphone for use on the snare to add any extra punch to the mix that isn’t quite captured in the overheads.



What makes this an ideal package for any drummer or engineer looking for a drum solution is how everything is taken care of for you, almost. You only need a few microphone stands to complete the setup and you’re ready to rock. Included in the box are all the mounts and cables to get the kit set up. The toms and kick drum have a handy angle adjustment clasp that allows you to quickly and easily set them and lock them into place to get the best sound possible from these microphones. All in all though, this is a great starting point for anyone wanting to set up a drum kit with microphones. It’s priced well and covers all bases.  

Hits and Misses


Complete package with carry case and cables

Quick locking angle adjustment on microphone clips

Easy drum mounting for tom drums


Only three drum mount clamps when a fourth would be handy