Sadowsky launch new bass DI and preamp pedals

Shaping Your Low End In Style

Sadowsky have released two new stompboxes to let users enjoy that classic Sadowsky preamp tone within the confines of a pedal.

For those looking for a verstile onstage and studio solution, the SPB-1 will be right up your alley. It fuses an EQ section with a nifty DI box functionality, letting you shape Volume, Bass and Treble while utilising features such as a ground lift switch, switchable mute, tuner out and XLR direct out. Whether you want to use it solely as a DI box or you're putting it in front of an amp to juice up your tone, it's definitely a worthwhile addition to any gigging bassist's pedalboard or case. 


If you want to skip out on the DI, Sadowsky have also shared details of the SPB-2, which offers the EQ section described above with true bypass switching, mono I/O and status LEDs to keep track of where you're at. 



Sadowsky bass products are distributed in Australia via Amber Technology