The Latest Generation

Roland's long-running KC Series keyboard amps range will soon see six brand new models joining its family, promising wide-range sound reproduction with two-way speaker systems and Roland’s patented twin bass-reflex design for undistorted extended low-frequency response.

Roland states that the KC-80, KC-200, KC-220, KC-400, KC-600 and KC-990 accurately reproduce "the full frequency range of all types of keyboards, including 88-note stage pianos, organs, and synthesisers.”

For those looking for the low-end, the compact and affordable KC-80 is the smallest and cheapest model of the range. Equipped with a sub output, the KC-80 pumps 50-watts through the new custom redesigned 10-inch woofer and tweeter for increased stability and improved bass reproduction.

Next up is the KC-200, weighing in with 100-watts of power. Essentially a slightly scaled-down version of the upcoming KC-400, the KC-200 brandishes a custom two-way speaker system with 12-inch woofer and tweeter.

The KC-220 delivers only 30-watts of power (15 watts x 2) through two 6.5-inch stereo speakers, but boasts eight AA battery power options, onboard DSP, and a three-channel mixer with aux input. The KC-400 itself builds upon the previous model KC-350, with an improved 150-watts power and an output select function on Channel 4 for monitoring click and guide tracks.

The powerful KC 990 comes complete with a 320-watt amp (160 watts x 2), loaded with two custom 12-inch woofers, two custom horn tweeters, and an onboard four channel mixer with extra aux input channel. Finally, the 200-watt KC-600, the second largest amp of the bunch, comes with the same four-channel mixer as the 990, but also includes an output select button on the fourth channel for monitoring click tracks.


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