The Future Is Here

A guitar that can be dissembled into a small briefcase? Sounds like every guitarists dream right?

The future of guitar manufacturing can quite possibly be already here, with luthier Tim White's Ridgewing guitar redefining the craft. Built of carbon fibre, the Ridgewing is a completely modular, full-size guitar that can be pulled apart for storage and travel and reassembled in no time. 


In 2012, White created his company Ridgewing to continue working on prototypes for the guitar. He and business partner Arjun Mendhi were joined in 2014 by a team of designers and craftspeople. As of January of this year, the group had completed three Ridgewing prototypes from their small woodworking shop in New Boston, NH.


The company launched at SXSW in Austin in March, where it introduced a range of models that include features like self-tuning headstocks, golden grills and bridges with built-in DSP and a preamp.


Watch the video below for an introduction into their latest prototype. 



You can read more about the Ridgewing Guitar at http://www.ridgewing.com/