Nektar announces Pacer DAW and MIDI footswitch controller

Take Your DAW To The Floor

The Pacer is a brand new DAW and MIDI footswitch controller from Nektar Technology, offering total hands-free control over your digital recording setup.

While originally designed as a hands-free DAW controller, Nektar claims that the Pacer also offers the potential to control both MIDI preamps and non-MIDI amps through onboard relays, which could work a charm for both recording and live performances. 


With a whole stack of features including 10 programmable LED footswitches, a preset footswitch, TRS jack connectors, MIDI output, USB connectivity and two expression pedal sockets, the Nektar Pacer sounds like it could be a revolutionary asset for the studio musician. In addition, the Pacer comes with a whole stack of factory presets including the Line 6 POD and Helix, Fractal Audio Axe-FX, Kemper Profiler, and the EHX 45000 Looper. 


For more on the Nektar Pacer MIDI DAW Footswitch Controller, check out Nektar's website


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