Mesa/Boogie responds to WalkAbout feedback with new Subway WD-800 bass amp

Range of New Cabs Also Announced

Mesa Boogie have announced the Subway WD-800 bass amp in direct response to demand for a more powerful WalkAbout bass amp, along with Ultra-Lite 2x12, 2x15 and 4x10 cabs, and a Subway+ Bass DI-Preamp.

The new WD-800 boosts the signature warmth of the WalkAbout tube preamp section with the 800 watt Class D Output Power used in Mesa's Subway Line (D-800™ and D-800+™). A high-pass filter and power amp damping control have also been added, providing the ability to adjust sub-low frequencies and the tracking and feel of the power amp. A single band EQ and integrated rotary shelving tone controls keeps things fairly simple.



A swathe of new Ultra-Lite cabs will also hit the shelves, including 2x12, 2x15 vertical and 4x10 cabs constructed from lightweight Italian poplar, and fit with Subway neodymium speakers. Mesa’s Subway+ DI-Preamp rounds out the range, its model based off Mesa's Subway D-800+ amp, retaining the same gain and level controls, tone shaping, two-band semi-parametric EQ and interface within a compact DI box.




Mesa/Boogie is distributed in Australia by Pro Audio Supplies.