Keeley Updates Super Phat Overdrive Pedal For 16th Anniversary

The Modifier Modifies a Modification...

Keeley Electronics has announced a 16th Anniversary reissue of their revered Super Phat Mod Overdrive pedal with the new limited edition Germanium model.

The original Keeley Super Phat Mod was based on the circuitry of the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver, with Robert Keeley tweaking the stompbox to produce a more organic, amp-like character to the tone of the pedal.


With the reissue of the Super Phat Mod, Keeley has once again modified the circuitry of the stompbox, wiring a Tungsram AC125 Geranium transistor into the pedal to produce a superior overdriven tone characteristic of the famed Tonebender pedals of the '60s. The Germanium Super Phat Mod also features a limited edition gold chasis, incorrectly listing an AC128 Germanium transistor on the face of the pedal – just pretend that it’s extra extra special.


Due to the scarcity of Tungsram transistors available, the Germanium Super Phat Overdrive is limited to 100 units, with each pedal being built and signed by Robert Keeley.



For more details, check out Keeley Electronics or Gladesville Guitar Factory.