Keeley Electronics announces Verb O Trem reverb and tremolo pedal

Available in Two Pedalboard-Friendly Designs

Keeley Electronics has shared details of its latest creation, a combined reverb and tremolo pedal dubbed the Verb O Trem.

Keeley produced the Verb O Trem with Nashville guitarist and song-writer Edie Heinzelman, and has designed the pedal 'to instantly allow players to input the amount of Verb or Tremolo they need'. 



The compact Verb O Trem offers three variations: the classic reverb and tremolo, Mack (pitch vibrato from a tube amp and spring reverb), and Harm (harmonic tremolo and spring reverb). 


The larger Workstation version offers eight reverbs and eight different modulations. Reverbs on offer are 2 Spring, 3 Spring, Plate, Hall, Chamber, Room, Fugue and Slapback, while users can choose from a range of modulations including sine wave, square wave, harmonic, dynamic harmonic, pitch vibrato, ramp trem, 'Les' rotary speaker, u-vibe). 


For more details, check out Keeley Electronics or Gladesville Guitar Factory.