IK Multimedia announces Ampeg Collection 2 for AmpliTube

Legendary Bass Amps Come To AmpliTube On iOS

With IK Multimedia's AmpliTube software already packing a huge range of authentic classic amp emulations on iPhone and iPad, the latest 4.6 update brings three iconic and officially certified Ampeg amps and cabs to the palm of your hands.

While Ampeg is famous the world over and highly praised for their unique bass amp and cabinet sound, their massive 8x10 speaker cabinets aren't the most effortless pieces of equipment to carry around. Thankfully, you'll now have the chance to access a faithful pocket-sized version anytime and anywhere. IK Multimedia's AmpliTube software faithfully recreates the entire signal chain, controls and tubes of the originals.


The specific bass heads on board this thumping update are the legendary workhorse Vintage Reissue "Blue-Line" SVT-VR, the 100W all-tube classic V4-B, and the B-15N, which features the circuit paths of both the 1964 and 1966 versions as well as a faithfully recreated 6SL7 octal preamp tubes and its distinctive bias switch.


Each amp comes with a default matched speaker cabinet respectively, with the iconic SVT-810AV, the smaller SVT-212 AV, and the vintage B-15N 115. 


IK Multimedia is distributed in Australia through Sound and Music.