Here’s that Meshuggah cello cover you didn’t know you needed

Happy Friday

Eclectic multi-instrumentalist Raphael Weinroth-Browne has uploaded a fresh new video to YouTube covering Meshuggah’s brutal track ‘Bleed’ on cello, earning the title of the Best Thing We’ve Seen All Day.

The talented cellist takes on the chaos of ‘Bleed’ without batting an eye, sitting down to tackle the monstrous piece for almost eight solid minutes. He even throws a bit of pizzicato in for good measure.



It’s not the first time Weinroth-Browne has given a stirring rendition of a metal track, most notably taking on Mastodon’s ‘Blood and Thunder’ and Pain of Salvation’s ‘Undertow’ in recent YouTube uploads.


After watching this, we’re certainly hoping it won’t be the last.


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