Watch: Guitar Legends Unite For Generation Axe

Wylde. Malmsteen. Vai. Abasi. Bettencourt

It’s an axeman’s dream. Some of the biggest names in guitar rock have joined forces going under the banner Generation Axe, and these live videos will have you salivating at the mouth.

Generation Axe is the 6-string extravaganze that counts some of rock’s most legendary names amongst its entourage. Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde and Nuno Bettencourt are all present, displaying their incendiary talents on these videos.


Filmed at Vancouver’s BC’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre, the first show of the troupe’s tour included Vai and Malmsteen’s thrilling neoclassical jam, Abasi and Bettencourt shredding through an Animals As Leaders cover and a chilling ballad from Wylde with the help of Bettencourt.


Watch: Blackstart by Vai and Malmsteen.

Watch: Physical Education by Abasi and Bettencourt

Watch: Sideways by Wylde and Bettencourt