Gibson to appear at NAMM 2019 following last year’s absence

The Full NAMM Directory Has Been Released

With just a little over a month until NAMM arrives once again, it seems Gibson are joining the festivities at the 2019 showcase following a notable absence in 2018.

NAMM has released its official directory, listing Gibson as an exhibitor. The company will presumably showcase its all-new 2019 range, plus instruments under the Epiphone, Kramer and Steinberger names.


Gibson's absence from the 2018 event saw them choose to focus on the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show instead. The move came at a tumultuous time for the company, with the iconic brand filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announcing a new CEO later in the year.


Other guitar brands set to showcase their work at NAMM include PRS, Yamaha, Fender, Faith Guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man, Hagstrom Guitars, Ibanez, Reverend Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Charvel, Cole Clark, Collings Guitars, Cort Guitars, and Framus & Warwick to name just a few.


Expect to see the latest music production innovations on show from the likes of Roland, Line 6, Waldorf Synthesisers, Zoom, PreSonus, Audio-Technica, BOSS, Electro-Voice, and Focusrite. Tone chasers will find their place at booths dedicated to pedal makers like T-Rex, Darkglass Electronics, EarthQuaker Devices, Electro-Harmonix and more.


Browse the full NAMM directory here


Image via NAMM.