Fender launch American Professional All-Rosewood Neck Jazzmasters

Now These Look Special !

Fender has put a bit of a limited edition spin on their popular American Professional Jazzmaster series, launching a handful of models with custom colours and all-rosewood necks for a distinctive sound and look.

The all-new run gives players the chance to own a classic Jazzmaster model with a special one-piece deep C-profile rosewood neck and fingerboard, with a contrasting skunk stripe for a bit of extra sauce. It's been a hot minute since Fender have last fiddled with rosewood necks, with the last notable model being the George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster, so we can imagine there'd be a lot of happy punters here. 




Fender's new Limited Edition American Professional Jazzmasters also feature the snazzy addition of engraved logos on the headstock, as opposed to the classic stickers we're used to seeing up near the pegs. Specs wise, these ones are pretty similar to their regular counterparts, with alder bodies, dual V-Mod pickups, Mustang bridge saddles and simplified electronics. 




The new Limited Edition Rosewood Jazzmasters also come in three very cool finishes - Shell Pink, Surf Green and Olympic White with a contrasting gold anodized pickguard. While these ones look like they're currently not available within the domestic market, we'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled on the Fender website in the off chance they land down under. 


Check out the new Limited Edition Rosewood Jazzmasters at Andertons UK.