The Wait Is Over

Held at Carriageworks in Sydney, the winners of the highly acclaimed 2016 APRA music awards have finally been announced.

The 2016 APRA music awards heralded both surprising and pretty unsurprising results, so, let’s start with the latter. Courtney Barnett, Melbournian indie artists that has very recently skyrocketed to infamy, took out Best Songwriter Of The Year (and I’m sure nobody gasped). Similarly, electro pop icons Tame Impala managed to win Song Of The Year with their widely adored hit ‘Let it Happen’, and indeed, it was always going to happen for them. Sia’s depressing yet upbeat hit ‘Chandelier’ was awarded the Most Played Australian Work Overseas, and Cold Chisel were praised with the Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Service to Australian Music. I don’t think anybody would argue with this last one, I mean, ‘Khe Sanh’ ranks pretty highly on my drunken anthems playlist.


Concentrating on the awards that were a little more surprising, Jarryd James took out Pop Work of the Year with ‘Do You Remember?’ over Sia’s ultra popular ‘Elastic Heart’, and Lee Kernaghan won the Country Work of the Year over Kasey Chambers’s ‘Is God Real?’. Also, Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ won the International Work of the Year over literally everything else that came out in every Country that isn’t Australia, which I found personally disappointing.


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