WATCH: Kirk Hammett slips on wah pedal while shredding onstage

Kirk Hammett? More Like Kirk Slammed It

If there's one complaint people like to lump onto Kirk Hammett, it's due to his tendency to overuse his wah-wah pedal throughout solos. However, there's a fair chance that might change after the Metallica guitarist had a bit of a tumble on his beloved pedal at a recent show in Milan.

The incident occurred after a particularly rainy day in Milan left Metallica's stage a tad soggy, with Hammett slipping up right in the middle of his solo for Hardwired... To Self Destruct cut 'Moth To A Flame' and even managing to take his mic stand out with him. 


Thankfully, Hammett was unharmed, and managed to keep a jovial spirit about the whole occasion, even taking to Twitter to share onstage footage of the moment via a conveniently placed camera next to his pedalboard.




Oh, Kirk. Hopefully stage crew remember to put out the Slippery When Wet signs when Metallica turn up for their epic stadium run with Slipknot this October.


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