WATCH: Gus G teaches you how to play ‘Mr Manson’ solo

From Forthcoming Album 'Fearless'

Former Ozzy Osbourne and current Firewind guitarist Gus G has shared a tutorial video teaching fans how to play the solo from his latest single, ‘Mr Manson’.

Premiered in collaboration with Guitar World, the video follows standard YouTube tutorial procedure by starting with Gus G playing the solo at speed before breaking it down into chords, notes and scales for your benefit. The ‘Mr Manson’ solo generated a lot of conversation when the song was released a few weeks ago – here’s the track for those who missed it:



‘Mr Manson’ is the first single from Gus G’s new album Fearless, which will mark his third solo album and his first solo release in three years. Prepare to play along with the song by watching Gus’ tutorial below:



Perfect your cover of 'Mr Manson' with a signature Gus G. Star Guitar, as reviewed by Mixdown TV.