At One Point Even Your Favourite Rock Stars Have Bowed To The All Ighty Ollar

From James Brown promoting Miso Noodles to Johnny Rotten selling Country Life Butter, here are ten commercials that perhaps unexpectedly feature well known musicians.

1. James Brown / Miso Noodles (1992)

In his later years The Godfather Of Soul sure developed a taste for instant noodles.



2. Herbie Hancock / Casio - CT 670 Synthesiser (1991)

As a long time synth advocate musical pioneer Herbie Hancock was a logical choice for this highly colourful Casio ad from 1991.



3. Ringo Starr & The Monkees / Pizza Hut (1995)




4. Lionel Richie / Tap King Beer (2013)



5. Britney Spears / Maull's Barbecue Sauce (1993)

Before declaring that she was not that innocent a young Britney was, well much more innocent and also into barbecue sauce.



6. Britney Spears / UHA Mikakuto Gummy Candy (1999)

...amongst other products.



7. Madonna / Takara (1995)

Insert joke about the material girl.



8. Michael Jackson / Suzuki (1980's)

With a bona-fide solo hit on his hands thanks to Off The Wall, the youngest member of The Jackson 5 began to dream of earning a personal forntune. Why love is his message and what that has to do with motorcycles is not explained, but hey, MJ could kind of do what he wanted at this stage.



9. N'SYNC / Chili's (2002)

The squeaky clean image and voiced N'SYNC found themselves in a similar position to early '80s MJ at the start of the new century and wanted some ribs money.



10. John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) / Country Life Butter (2008)

While there are few more disappointing sights than seeing figureheads of anti-establishment sentiment grown old and decide their comfortable with embodying everything they once despised, on the other hand the proceeds of this commercial enabled PIL to record and tour again, so the rules have certainly changed since 1977. This is still bloody awful though.