There's now a Metallica children's book on the way

Yes, You Read That Right.

​For those who feel they don't get enough Metallica in their everyday lives, enter 'The ABCs of Metallica' read-along children's book, delivering a full metal dose to toddlers since 2019.

With each letter of the alphabet devoted to chronicalising the lifetime events of the band, now even children can sit in awe of the mighty metal maniacs. 



The book is slated for a November 29 release and features rhymes from writer Howie Abrams and illistrations from Michael "Kaves" McLeer. Also available on the website are bundles with toddler/youth and adult Metallica shirts, pairing band lovers with their lovingly indoctrinated youth.


Some proceeds will be donated to the All Within My Hands Foundation who work to create "sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services."



Soon, we will live in a world where 'A' stands for Amp, 'B' stands for Bass, and 'C' stands for 'The Call Of Ktulu.'


Pre-orders are available here.