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There are a number of names that come to mind when you think of traditional Turkish cymbals, and you can’t help but think of Istanbul when it comes to handmade cymbals from Turkey. The name itself gives you an idea of the heritage behind this great brand and today it offers not only traditional, but modern cymbals for all types of sound.

The Turk cymbals are by no means a glossy, shiny looking showpiece. These are cymbals that are built for a purpose and created to achieve a certain sound. The raw look to them comes from being hand hammered to achieve a certain thickness and sound, which lathing or polishing would only take away. What this results in is a very dry sound that is quite unique to this style of cymbal, yet they offer plenty of richness and strength in the lower frequencies.


The cymbals are a 20” medium ride, 16” crash and 14” medium hats. I especially loved the latter, which have plenty of body to them and a great low end rattle. The crash is very punchy, very dry, whilst the ride is also tight sounding, dry, maybe even too much for some people’s liking, especially the bell, which is quite low when balanced against the edge sound. As a jazz, funk or rock alternative, you are going to find a great deal of use for these cymbals. Put simply, you need to hear these to understand how dry they are whilst still having some great overtones.


Hits and Misses


Great dry sound from the entire set

Includes cymbal bag

Very well priced for hand hammered Turkish cymbals


Not as wet or full as some people may want in a cymbal