CMC Music | | Expect To Pay: $1695

As with all of DV Mark’s builds, the walk through of the front face of the Evo 1 is as simple as they come. All of the models contained within this powerful 250-watt steel box are personalised by a simple three-way EQ stage. You have at your behest two independent high and low gain channels coupled with both active and passive input stages and a tuner/mute switch for simple, rack style chromatic tuning. You can drive the front and back end of either channel as hard or as soft as you like with the input and output controls sailing through to a shared master volume holding everything to the same standard and the boost knob will send your solos sailing no matter which side of the road you’re riding on. All in all it is a perfectly usable amp; not unlike the mainstays of the DV Mark catalogue.

The modeling section is where the real fun begins. Each channel has a simple selection of six preset amp models covering everything from low wattage, bluesy classics like vintage Fender builds to the heroes of searing high gain like Hiwatt and Soldano. While this might seem quite limited relative to the aforementioned everything-all-at-once designs, it actually forces you to think a little harder about what it is you’re looking for. With just about every base covered in the easily malleable starting line up, I can see players plugging in and never needing to touch the accompanying app that DV Mark have designed to further your chance at achieving sonic nirvana.


Said app is another slice of simplified heaven. Plug the Evo 1 into your computer via the USB port on the back and the world is your oyster as far as added extras are concerned. You can load different amp and cab simulations into the six on-board banks as well as effects and routing options, which are all available in the extensive DV Mark Multiamp Community. All of the stars of the Mark World Artists roster have uploaded their settings for you to sample, download and adjust to your heart’s content and if you wander around in there long enough, you start to feel as though you’re a member of a secret club of tone-chasers.


In a live setting, the DV Mark Evo 1 is far and away the least complicated and fastest thinking modeler available. The four-channel footswitch is essential if you’re going to really stretch out the outer reaches of the unit’s functionality but first and foremost, it’s a great sounding and incredibly versatile, not to mention lightweight, unit.


Hits and Misses


Lightweight and sonically pleasing


Clunky tuner

No wireless connectivity to the app